Triple H Talks About Sting, NXT & Control

Triple H sat down with Michael Cole again yesterday for his weekly kayfabe interview for

The on-screen chief operating officer discusses his match with Sting, Randy Orton, NXT going on the road, Wrestlemania and the International Hall of Fame.

Fastlane Review – Reigns Rolls On

WWE Fastlane emanated from Memphis Tennessee last night and was shown “free” on the WWE Network and Sky 1 in the UK / Ireland. Did WWE do enough to convince the casual viewer to subscribe to their online streaming service? I’ll go over the main talking points from the show.

If you want to watch a repeat of the show:
Click here to watch on the WWE Network.
Sky Sports 4 (Sky channel 404) at 10pm GMT tonight (Monday) or 11pm GMT Tuesday night.

Roman Reigns on his way to Wrestlemania (again)

The match itself was well played out. The story was an obvious one – the technician versus the powerhouse with a brawl in between. In the end, Reigns had an answer for everything Daniel Bryan had to throw at him. He kicked out of the the running knee. He broke the Yes-Lock. He basically over-powered any offence DB had. I honestly do fear for Roman when he enters the arena to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Even the handshake between Bryan and Reigns was boo’ed. That’s twice they’ve tried now to put him over, with The Rock and Bryan both failing. Fair play to Reigns though, he sure is trying his hardest. It was definitely his best WWE singles match to date.

Rusev Retains

Don’t ya know – Cena never gives up. Yet they still called this one a submission victory. We almost definitely will see the rematch at Wrestlemania given Rusev’s low-blow being the deciding factor. The really was a nice treat to see the US title contested in a match of this magnitude.

Sting & HHH booked

The “dream” match is now signed, sealed and soon to be delivered. Sting didn’t open his mouth for this one oddly enough. I liked the baseball bat vs sledgehammer routine. I really don’t get the angle they’re playing with this one. Obviously Sting isn’t there to tear down the WWE, if he was then we shouldn’t be cheering for him. The beef between these two needs more meat.

Taker -V- Wyatt

So this is pretty much confirmed for Wrestlemania. Bray is more than capable of carrying this feud on the mic until Wrestlemania. Can Taker do the business on the biggest stage? He’ll be 50 when the Show of Shows comes around but I trust the Deadman if he believes he can still go. He comes across as the type of guy that will call it a day when he knows the time is right.

The best & worst of the rest

  • Randy Orton returned as predicted to setup his Wrestlemana match with Seth Rollins. The Authority picked up the win over the “rebellious” team of Ziggler, Rowan and Ryback. The bigger story here is Ziggler taking the fall, which might confirm some of the rumours that he had backstage heat recently.
  • Tyson Kidd and Cesaro picked up the Tag Team titles in an exiting match against the Usos. The only criticism I have is the finish seemed a bit clunky and disorganised. I’m absolutely shocked that WWE pulled the trigger on these two. Here’s hoping for a lengthy reign with the self-proclaimed “Masters of the WWE Universe” showcasing their obvious talent to a wider audience.
  • Nikki Bella retained in a lacklustre affair. Absolutely terrible finish. Why can’t these divas pull off a basic roll-up? Nikki held the tights so I suspect this one might not be over.
  • Goldust fluked a win over his Star equivalent and took a beating afterwards. I suspect this will lead to a final hurrah for Goldy at Wrestlemania with Stardust being the one to finish him off once and for all.
  • How terrible was Ambrose -V- Barrett. Diabolical booking. Is Ambrose such a “lunatic” now that he’ll be DQ’d for stomping on someone in the corner? Somewhere Stone Cold is spitting up his Steveweiser. Nice to see him steal the IC title though. ‘Mania rematch – lazy booking.

Overall rating: 6/10