CM Punk V WWE Feud – Far From Over

As the song goes – “it’s only just begun”.

CM Punk announced that he had signed for the UFC back in December 2014 and we all thought that was the end of his beef with WWE and any chance he would be returning to the pro-wrestling promotion.

Prior to the announcement, CM Punk appeared on his good friend Colt Cabana’s podcast and made some derogatory remarks regarding his former employer, and more specifically, their head physician Chris Amann (skip to the 1hr 16min mark on the video below).

Rumour has it that the doctor in question has filed a lawsuit against CM Punk and Colt Cabana in the amount of $1 million.

WWE responded yesterday (2 months later) with the below statement:

In light of CM Punk’s allegations regarding WWE’s medical staff and the subsequent defamation lawsuit filed by Dr. Amann against CM Punk, WWE continues to have the utmost confidence in the ability and expertise of our world-class team of physicians, including Dr. Amann.

CM Punk claimed this past November that during the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event on January 26, 2014, he performed with a baseball-sized, purple lump on his back located near the waistband of his tights.

WWE’s investigation has shown the following:

  • CM Punk did not discuss this alleged condition with WWE’s team of physicians and trainers, nor did he discuss it with anyone in our Talent Relations department.
  • Subsequently, WWE has no medical records documenting this alleged condition.
  • The first time WWE was made aware of this alleged condition was when we received a letter from CM Punk’s attorney on August 22, 2014, after WWE terminated his contract.
  • There is clear video evidence from the 2014 Royal Rumble, which allows all to decide whether there is any appearance of a baseball-sized growth on CM Punk’s back.

Watch the video and decide for yourself

CM Punk is currently training with Roufusport Gym for his MMA debut for later in the year with so this will be a distraction for sure. His wife, current WWE Diva AJ Lee has been off WWE TV since December.