[VIDEO] Finn Balor v Cesaro at NXT Cleveland

Triple H has taken NXT out on the road recently, and while the matches aren’t being taped thankfully some fans are putting some of them on YouTube.

One such match was everyone’s favourite Bray native Fergal “Finn Balor” Devitt as he took on Cesaro at NXT Cleveland.


It’s not the whole match, just the entrances and the last four minutes, but it’s still interesting to see Devitt Balor take on WWE main roster opposition. It can’t be too long surely before Devitt moves up to the big show, he’s crazy over and one of the most exciting wrestlers in the company.

Also interesting to note that at last night’s show in Columbus, Ohio, Balor and Kevin Owens wrestled with Owens getting the win. Owens and Balor will compete for the NXT Championship on the March 25th episode of NXT. This was how WrestlingInc.com described last night’s match.


You can watch the latest episodes of NXT on the WWE Network

[VIDEO] Finn Balor v THE Brian Kendrick

It’s no secret that NXT is great. As I mentioned in my first article for Deck.ie, it’s what’s gotten me watching professional wrestling again. And it’s why I kept my WWE Network even after “Free February” finished.

One of my favourite things about NXT is Finn Balor, AKA Fergal Devitt from Bray. He took on THE Brian Kendrick on NXT this week, and the highlights (and spoilers) are below. Don’t click on the video above if you don’t want spoilers

Besides some terrible commentary from Kevin Owens, it was a decent match. It was the kind of match whereby you knew Balor wasn’t going to lose – they have to keep his momentum going ahead of his bout with Owens after all. Interesting to see the likes of Kendrick and Rhyno in NXT. NXT hinted at a potential Rhyno v Balor match last week…


… which to me anyway would suggest that Balor will lose to Owens and go into a programme with Rhyno. It’ll be interesting to see how that develops.

You can watch the full match between Balor and Kendrick on the WWE Network HERE

Gracie Breakdown – Rousey v Zingano

If you blinked you probably missed it – Ronda Rousey’s armbar on Cat Zingano was a thing of absolute beauty.

And of course, it gets the Gracie Breakdown treatment from Rener and Ryron – the guys break it down in detail. So if you want to know EXACTLY how “Rowdy” did it, and add the move to your jitz arsenal, click play above.

And just in case you haven’t seen it yet, the fight in all its 12.83 second glory

WATCH – Deck.ie Classic Match – Rock v Austin, Wrestlemania X-Seven


And in this contest, there will be NOOOOOOO disqualifications!


Glass smashes, crowd goes bezerk

For this writer anyway, Wrestlemania 17 was THE event. And the main event of THE event was just.. well, it was incredible.

The build up to the match had reached fever pitch by the time Mania rolled into the Astrodome in Texas, and as if you needed reminding, the promo video the WWF ran just before hand summed it up perfectly


If that doesn’t make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, then I don’t know what will.


The atmosphere was electric and the match was a classic – watch it below. This version has commentary from Stone Cold, which is fascinating. The picture quality isn’t superb, but it’ll do. You can watch the match on the WWE Network by clicking here.

Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In

Our new signing Ruairi “The Hitman” O’Hagan talks about watching WWE after many years away, thanks in particular to one thing….

It wasn’t meant to happen.

I wasn’t meant to fall back into the WWE trap.

But it seems I have.

It all started so innocently. Oh, a free two week trial of the WWE Network? I’ll give it a go I guess. It’ll be fun to watch Wrestlemania 17 again.

Oh, the Royal Rumble is free? I might watch that.

Ah shur, I might as well watch some old Royal Rumbles while I’m at it.

Oh, there’s an Irish guy in NXT. I’ll give that a go.

What’s that Vince? The Network is free for February? I’ll hold off on cancelling it so.

Oh, there’s a series of documentaries on the Monday Night Wars? That’s when I used to watch wrestling. I’ll have a sconse.

Fastlane, you say? Ah shur, might as well. (I feckin wish I hadn’t though. By Christ that was awful. Roman Reigns? Pah)

I’ve been played like a fool by the WWE.


It’s a similar tactic to that used by drug dealers. Your first taste is free, to get you hooked. And then, a second, larger taste. Also free. Cheers for that Vinny Mac. So now it looks like I’m going to be paying 13 quid a month for the feckin thing, looking for my next fix. Mrs Haganator isn’t too amused to come home to find her husband watching wrestling every day I have to admit.

I’d not watched WWE programming in quite a long time. Every so often I’d re watch an old match on Youtube – Austin v The Rock at 17, Foley v Taker in the Cell, that kind of thing. But nothing major. I watched last year’s Wrestlemania and kinda enjoyed it, but watched nothing since.

I had heard good things about the Network. So when the free trial came around, I said I’d give it a go. Why not? It was free. What I wasn’t prepared for was the sheer amount of hours I’ve sunk into the thing since.

Like Netflix, the Network makes compulsive viewing easy. That “just one more episode” feeling one gets when watching a TV series on Netflix? It’s now been replaced by “just one more match”. And it’s been fun. Re-watching old events has been a blast (one of my favourites so far was watching Ric Flair win the Royal Rumble in 1992, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO). Listening to Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan brings me back to a simpler time of watching wrestling with my cousin Paul as small kids, when Paul would tape the events and we’d watch them on weekends. For sheer rose tinted nostalgia alone, the Network comes up trumps.

But it’s NXT that has gotten me hooked most of all. “Like Ring of Honour on crack” is how it was described to me. And I love it. I love the whole look to the show, even simple things like the LED screens on the ring apron and above the ring give the show a really glossy feel. They’ve also spent a lot of time on the entrances of wrestlers – and it shows.


But most of all, it’s the wrestling. Watching the likes of Ireland’s own Finn Balor, the high flying Adrian Neville and the brawling Kevin Owens has been a blast. I’d seen Balor and Neville wrestle in front of handfuls of people at IWW shows back in the day (Balor as Prince Devitt, Neville as Pac) so to see them on a big stage like this is great. NXT is almost worth the cost of the Network alone.

Almost, being the key word. Is it worth 13 quid a month? For someone like me? I’m not sure. Yeah, NXT is fun and watching old events is entertaining. But it’s already gotten to the stage where I’ve watched a lot of the old matches that I want to watch. The search function on the Network is abysmal and is preventing me from watching the Network even more -when I search for “Bret Hart Steve Austin” I expect their Wrestlemania 13 match to be the first result that pops up, not some poxy Raw rewind.

I might hang on to the subscription for March, and to see if I use it enough to justify 13 quid for it.

Feck it, it’s nearly worth it just for Finn Balor’s entrance. Awesome.

Ruairi will be writing his thoughts on WWE and UFC for Deck.ie. He once gave Balls Mahoney a can of Fosters in Neptune Stadium. True story.